About Us

What is Pretty Thuggish?

Pretty Thuggish celebrates female empowerment through individuality, courage and power, embracing not only a pretty exterior, but also a “thuggish” interior. Pretty Thuggish has the essence of determination and self-love embedded into the fabric of each piece, and inspires others to be their authentic selves and live fearlessly.

Vibrant colors, edgy, yet feminine flair with a dash of tomboy sets Pretty Thuggish apart from other brands of women’s clothing. Our fun and flashy pieces make a bold statement no matter the occasion. Pretty Thuggish was created for confident women who emanate beauty through strength.

Who are Thuggettes?

Thuggettes are the roses who grew from the concrete – they are the women who aren’t afraid to embrace their true selves despite their flaws, and they smile in the face of adversity. They are liberated, courageous and determined. Thuggettes know that their true power lies beyond their beautiful exterior and that their unique edge is what makes them all the more appealing. Her grind inspires and motivates others to be trendsetters while her truth allows her to always stand out from the crowd.

Thuggettes are always pretty, but more importantly, always thuggish.